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 Write a composition about parks

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Sirwan Shabi

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مُساهمةموضوع: Write a composition about parks   الأحد أبريل 13, 2008 7:43 pm

How to write a composition
The composition quoted from Taher al Bati(learn English language, page 194 )
Write a composition about parks:

Parks are public gardens where people spend a nice time because the

park is full of trees and different kinds of flowers. The ground is

covered with green grass. There are a lot of streams where water

flows to all parts of the park.
In order to keep the park beautiful and clean, the gardeners cut the

grass, collect the dead leaves and water the flower beds. At weekends

the park becomes crowded as lots of families go there so as to enjoy

themselves and get fresh air while their children play happily here and there.
At noon time the people sit in the pleasant shade of trees and have their meals.
In the park we may find a fun fair which gives pleasure to the children and the young men as well.

During spring the trees blossom and the flowers bloom making the

park look extremely delightful. The birds build their nests on the trees

and start singing their lovely songs.
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Write a composition about parks
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