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 English Text about Tourism

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]left]Kurdistan Regional Government

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Foundation of Technical Education Erbil

Erbil Administrative Technical Institute

Tourism Guide Department

English Text about Tourism
Prepared by:

Sirwan Behnan

First unite about tourist cities:

What is the tourist city?

These kinds of cities are either close to the sea,

lakes, mountains or rivers. Thus they are cities

people go there to have leisure and

entertainment or site seeing.

In Iraq there are many cities of this kind, for example
Salahuddin resort, Shaqlawa, Zawita, Sulaf,

Sarsang,Baghdad, Habaniya, Basrah,Naseriya and Babylon.

What is the capital of Kurdistan region?

Erbil city it is the capital of Kurdistan region.

How would you describe Erbil city?

It is the oldest city with continuous residentially.

This city is regarded as one of the most deep
rooted governorate in the area. Its history begins before A.D.
How old is the name of Erbil city?

In accordance with historical reference, the

city was established 6000 prior A.D

The name of Erbil city has been found in the

Samarian transcripts (with different shapes and

Samarian Alphabetic); such as (Urbilam, Arbil,

Urbl and Arba llo). The city was the main

station for the God Ashtar which was the main

goddess which was worshiped at that era.

Where is Erbil city located?

The city is located at the height of 418 m sea level, it located east to Suleimanyie

Governorate and it is only 350km from Baghdad. The city is surrounded by Nineveh

from west and Kirkuk city from east and Iran and Turkey from north.
Erbil city has an attractive nature with many

green zones. The city usually celebrates

Nawroze occasion, which is one of the most

well-known national occasion in the region. Nawroz means (new day), which is the first

day of Kurdish calendar. During this day the Kurdish people torch fires on the peak of the mountains as the symbol of victory.
How many km2 is the total Area of the Erbil city?
It is 15214 km2.

Solav Resort, Iraqi Kurdistan:
How could you describe Solav resort?
Solav Resort is an entertainment complex with cafés, shop and restaurants on the end of the road from Dohuk, 5km north of Amedi. Solav can be easily seen from Amedi and gives amazing views and a very photogenic scenery.

Solav has a fresh water spring that runs down the valley and it is from here that all the water from Amedi comes. Up the stairs along the river, there are several hookah coffeehouses with chairs inside the river where you can stay and relax in the end of the days.
Hookah is a stemmed glass-based water pipe for smoking flavoring tobacco.
Solav gets lots of tourist from all over Iraq, during the summer lots of Arabs from Bagdad come north to enjoy a little bit of peace and have a good time with their families.
You can walk along the road and enjoy the perfect views to Amedi on top of the mountain. You can also go up the stairs along the river until you reach the stone bridge, waterfalls and if you like to hike there are several hiking trails into the valley.[/
Lake Dukan (or Lake Dokan):
Is the largest lake in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is located close to the city of Ranya, and is a reservoir on the Little Zab created by the construction of the Dukan Dam. The Dukan Dam was built between 1954 and 1959 as a multi-purpose dam to provide water storage, irrigation and hydroelectricity.[1] Prior to the flooding of Lake Dukan, the area has been subjected to archaeological research to investigate as many archaeological sites as possible. An archaeological survey in the Ranya Plain documented some 40 archaeological sites with evidence for occupation ranging from the sixth millennium BCE up to the present. Five of these sites were then excavated: Tell Bazmusian, ed-Dem, Kamarian, Qarashina and Tell Shemshara. The excavations at Tell Bazmusian revealed a temple dating to the second millennium BCE.[2] At Tell Shemshara, an early-sixth millennium BCE village was excavated, as well as an early-second millennium BCE palace with a small archive of clay tablets.[3][4] The inhabitants of some 50 villages in the flooded area, around 1,000–1,200 families, were resettled to the west of the lake.[5]
The surface area of the lake is 270 square kilometres (100 sq mi). At normal operation, the capacity of the reservoir is 6.8 cubic kilometres (1.6 cu mi) while its maximum capacity is 8.3 cubic kilometres (2.0 cu mi). At that capacity, the surface elevation is 515 metres (1,690 ft) above sea-level. In order to operate the power station, the surface elevation must be between 469 and 511 metres (1,539 and 1,677 ft). The drainage basin of the Dukan Dam is 11,700 square kilometres (4,500 sq mi).[[/
summer resorts in Erbil city:
Gali Ali Bag:
It is distance from Erbil city is 95 km. the Gali Ali Bag strait located between two mountain chains which are from the north Korek mountain rising to 2125m , and from the west Bradost mountain rising to 2076m. It is extent over 12 kms through which flow and meet the rivers Rawandooz, Sidakan and Khalifan.
Scientists believe that the strait was the result of a natural cleavage of the mountains.

Bekhal summer resort:
The distance from Erbil it is 105 km. Bekhal waterfalls can be reached through two asphalted roads: one starting from above the waterfalls of Kali Ali Beck ascending the mountains toward the east and the other passes through Soran district to the east crossing Rawandooz district then descends toward Bekhal. The Bekhal summer resort has a natural waterfall flowing down the center of the mountain. It is administratively attached to the city of Erbil and to Soran region.
Bekhal offers captivating natural sceneries and an attractive fresh climate in the summer and thousands of tourists, local and foreign visited during summer season when temperature degrees drop in the region.

Jundyan summer resort:
It is distance from Erbil is 115km. It is located on the versant of Hindren mountains, 5 kms east of the Soran region. It enjoys a magic spring which waters dry up at times and reappear suddenly during spring. The naturally beautiful Jundyan summer resort offers many tourist attractions: wild growing trees, favorable climate during summer, as well as tourist facilities.
Tourist Lake of Habbaniyah:
This lake is one of the major tourist attractions in the Middle East. Opened in 1979 and it has been set up on the shores where the city of Habbaniyah which includes many facilities: - Is a low ground located to the south of the city of Ramadi, for the purpose of storing water about 3.3 billion cubic meters and bring 2.7 billion cubic meters to the Euphrates River in season of Sayhood and this project is controlled by Al-Rumaadi dam , and from the south Habbaniyah Lake and Razzaza lake linked by stream of water, and the disposal of excess water for the energy storage of the Al-Habbaniyah lake to Al- Razaza, which can accommodate storage of 26 billion cubic meters. A tourist city has been set up on this lake. The tourist city in Habbaniyah considered the largest tourist city in the Middle East .. It is located at a distance (84 km) on the west of Baghdad on the road to Baghdad - Ramadi, it has been erected on an area of nearly square kilometer, and extends into the lake along a few hundred meters away. The tourist city of Habbaniyah Consists of: - The hotel from the first class level of six floors containing the ground floor in addition to the management room, the reception and booking, halls for rest, conferences, film screenings, three restaurants and bars , summer and winter swimming pool ,a library and a hall for the Games and each floor includes of the six floors (47) double bedroom and six wings make up a whole (600) beds, each containing a bathroom and a TV special and conditioned centrally. There is a nightclub on the top floor of the hotel .
Top ten tourist cities in Europe
1) Paris
For me personally I will always vote for Paris, mainly as it has so much to offer for a tourist. Popularly known as the city of love, it is beautiful in every season. Divided in five zones and has a transport train’s facility that will leave you in awe.
The transportation is so well established that every tourist station has a tourist spot. For many Paris is all about the Eiffel tower, certainly this is one of the major spots of the city and it looks splendid in day and remarkable in night as well. The other important structures are Arc de Triumphe,The Cathedral of Notre Dame.
At the very extreme zone ischateau de Versailles, this is like heaven on earth having a magnificent palace and surrounding that match it. Louvre museum is one of the best built museums in the world, they have Monalisas portrait that is a major star attraction here. For all the kids the ideal place would be Disney world, Disney in itself is a complete package and you can spend an entire day without knowing how the time flew.

Paris img

My first impression for Rome was its magnanimous in every aspect. It has an area of 1,290 square kilometres and architecture that matches it in style. Be it at the crossroad or at a tourist spot, give a gaze around and you will find great artistic monuments that will leave you thinking. Even if you are not an art lover you will fall in love with this ancient city which has hundreds of historical sites to enjoy. The ideal transportation that worked for us was on the hop on hop off buses. They are really convenient and come handy when you have less time. Make sure you try out the Italian food; I mean who isn’t crazy about pizzas and pastas. Roman Coliseum, Palatine Hill, Pantheon and so on are a few historical places worth visiting. Vatican city is another most sought out destination in Rome. One can enjoy the marvelous and mind-blowing artworks of Michelangelo at St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel.

Milan football
3) Milan:
Speaking of Milan the two major names that come to your mind would be fashion and finance. However many football fans will associate Milan for the sport. The city is home to both AC Milan and Inter, two of Italy’s top teams. It has historic background and new architectures ensemble everywhere. The canal side cafes and old fashioned gelaterie (ice-cream shops) will take you to an older era.

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4)Luzern, Switzerland:
For us Indians, this has been the only attraction if we were to visit Europe, there are so many travel agents like Thomas cook who have made it easier for us. Thanks to Bolly wood and all the hype created by yashraj movies every Indians dream is to visit Luzern once in their lifetime. Needless to say that zurich is the trade capital of Switzerland, It doenot have much to offer in terms of scenic beauty unless you want to shop till you drop then you ought to be in Zurich. Luzern is the ideal stop for many travelers, mount Pilatus, mount titlis and mount jungfrauoch. The journey till the top of the peak is magnificent and when you are on the top it is the best feeling ever and everything else seems insignificant.

5) Amsterdam:
Amsterdam is the city of dreams wandering along the canals and through the Royal Palace, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum would be an amazing jumpstart to your trip. Amsterdam is for the freespirited persons on the planet earth, everyone is in their own world. The Schiphol Airport is about 20 minutes away from downtown Amsterdam. It is advisable to visit in april may so that you can visit the keukenof which is famous for its tulips season. If you dig into flowers like the way I do you will never want to come back.

6) Munich:
Munich is one of the cities which has museums that can give art a new name; very rich in architecture and culture. Munich is the hub for beer lovers, come Oktoberfest beer celebration and there are gallons of beer that is drunk during that season. Many travelers to Munich are absolutely stunned by the quality of the architecture. Historical buildings and museums are the backdrop of this beautiful city.

7) Florence:
Florence, also known as Firenze is the main center for all national railway lines, making the intercommunication very easy. We had been to this city primarily for one reason the leaning tower of pisa. A roundtrip from Italy, Firenze and venice is the perfect outing for this coming vacation in summer. This city is located between the middle of the Italian peninsula and has a decent population. Ideal time to visit it would be in spring as the summers are hot and have breezy winters.

8)Saint Tropez:
When you are choosing a holiday spot, you want it to be best and out of the world. This seaside resort town Saint Tropez, has all that one expects out of a vacation. Surrounded with blue clear water and yachts floating in the sea is a pleasant sight one will cherish for a long time? Tourists all over dig the beaches mostly for the serenity and stunning locales that this place has to offer. Terrace cafes give a lot to offer from coffees to the ice creams you can relish them all while strolling down the lane.

St. Tropez
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Venice popularly known as the city of canals is rooted as the prime location for any romantic honeymoon. It is the most romantic place ever, love is in the air in this place you will find cozy couples everywhere on the canal and in gondolas. It is a different setting altogether, we had stayed in a hotel which was near to the canal and it had the most amazing view ever. Transportation is entirely on boat as the entire city is covered with water. The ideal tiem to visit is spring or early fall. Home of pasta and pizza you will relish yourselves like never before. Make it a point to travel in the gondola it is a tourists fascination as the driver sings a love song whilst he maneuvers the boat. Another attraction here is the famous Piazza San Marcos square one of the biggest square and has the most amazing disguised masks ever. Also famous for the number of pigeons that accumulate every year.


10) Vienna:
Last but not the least, Vienna is the capital of Austria and has a huge number of museums and theaters to its credit. It is the main hub for all music, opera, ballet and artifacts from all over the world. Vienna is one of the European cities, which is rich in cultural history. With stunning locales and a rich history it is a one of the most sought after places in Europe.
Now that you have the list, planning the europe trip would be a lot easier.

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