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 Tourist Guide of Lebanon

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مُساهمةموضوع: Tourist Guide of Lebanon   الأحد ديسمبر 16, 2012 12:17 am

tourism in the "Land Of The Cedars"

Lebanon is quite unique and unlike any other Middle Eastern country. With 250 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline, and two ranges of beautiful snowcapped mountains, it is strategically located at the crossroads of 3 continents.

Lebanon is the destination for any tourist seeking: breath-taking views of nature, majestic historical and archaeological sites, a mixed and a vibrant culture, and the best nightlife in the world, along with an exquisite

cuisine and a unique experience all around.
Click on the other tabs to learn more about "what to see and do" in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa, North Lebanon and the south.
There is much to do and see when visiting Lebanon. Beirut is a must visit desitnation for everyone; couples, singles and families. However, beyond Beirut there is also much to be savored,... there's something for everyone.
If you're planning your trip in advance, we recommend touring the country and enjoying every region, with its hotels, resorts, shopping malls, souks, restaurants, cafés and the plain beauty of nature, as well as the kindness of the people.
After years of unrest, Lebanon is regaining its former reputation as "The Switzerland of the Middle East". Its mountains and its scenic beauty, were almost untouched by the civil war,.... and with a rebuilt downtown core, you have the best tourism destination in Lebanon, where the new meets the old.
what to see and do in "Beyrouth"

Take a stroll through the Beirut Central District (Solidere) and marvel at the most elegant downtown in the world.
Along the way, discover the recently uncovered ancient Roman ruins that were left exposed. Then, enjoy coffee and sweets at one of Beirut's many parisian-style sidewalk cafés.

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Get some exercise by walking, jogging, roller-blading, or biking along the Corniche. Then stop for a look at the Pigeon Rocks, which rise from the waters just off the coastline.
Spend an afternoon discovering Beirut's National Museum, which has treasures of prehistoric Egyptian artifacts, Phoenician statues and glassware, and Roman and Byzantine jewelry.
Afterwards, visit the art exhibits at the Sursock Museum, housed in a beautiful 19th century Italian mansion.
Explore the city's religious heritage by visiting its well-preserved mosques and churches, built from the 12th to the 19th century.
Shop at one of Beirut's unique artisan shops, selling high-quality Lebanese hand-crafts, or look for trendy fashions along Rue Hamra, Verdun Street, or at one of the chic shopping malls.
Dine at one of Beirut's world-class restaurants, and then party the night away at one or several of the many hip nightclubs.
Test your luck at the Hippodrome Du Parc De Beyrouth (Beirut Horse Racing) or the luxurious Casino du Liban.
what to see and do in "Jabal Lubnan"

Take to the slopes at one of Mount Lebanon’s world-class ski resorts.
Hike through the cedar forests of the Al Chouf Cedar Reserve and take-in the breathtaking views from the rugged mountains.

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Tour the majestic 19th century palace of Beiteddine, and view the beautifully restored Ottoman-era chambers, and the large museum of Byzantine and Roman mosaics.
Explore the ruins of ancient civilizations at the coastal city of Jbail (Byblos), one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. and the birthplace of the Roman alphabet.
Enjoy walking along small avenues in a traditional Chouf village, such as Deir El-Qamar, and enjoy a taste of the traditional cuisine at a local restaurant or café.
Go mountain biking or hiking along one of the many mountain trails that cover Mount Lebanon’s rugged peaks.
Visit the mountain villages and summer resorts throughout the region, a popular local destination for summer holidays and weekend getaways.
FESTIVALS: Al Bustan, Beiteddine, and Byblos
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Tourist Guide of Lebanon
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