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 Terms of Tourism

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Terms of tourism:
1- Tourism: (noun) the business of providing and arranging holidays and services for people who are visiting a place: The country's economy relies heavily on tourism.
2- Tourist: (noun): person who visits a place for pleasure:
A foreign tourist.
The Tourist Information office.
3- Tour: (noun):
A- a journey that you make for pleasure during which you visit many places: a ten- day coach tour of Scotland.
B- a short visit around a city, famous building, etc: a guided tour round St Paul's Cathedral.
c- a series of visits that you make to play sports matches, give concerts, ect: The band is currently on tour in America.
Tour: (verb): to go on a journey during which you visit many places: We spent three weeks touring in southern Spain.
We toured southern Spin for three weeks.
Guide:(noun) a person whose job is to show cities, towns, museum, ect to tourists: a tour guide.
4- Town: (noun): a place with many streets and buildings. A town is larger than a village but smaller than a city: Romsey is a small market town.
5- City: (noun) plural cities: a large and important town: Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.
6- Village: (noun): a group of houses with other buildings, e.g. a church, shop, school, ect, in a country area. A village is smaller than a town:
A small fishing village.
The village pub.
7- Airport: (noun) a place where aircraft can land and take off and that has buildings for passengers to wait.
8- Airliner: (noun): a large airplane that carries passengers.
9- Air hostess: (noun): a woman who looks after the passengers on an airplane.
10- Airline :(noun): a company that provides regular flights for people or goods in airplane.
11- Ticket (noun): a piece of paper or card that shows you have paid for a journey, or to enter a place of entertainment, ect: a single / return ticket.
Two tickets for the concert.
12- Passenger: (noun): a person who is travelling in a car, bus, train, plane, ect. But who is not driving it or working on it.
Passengers are asked to remain seated until the plane has come to a complete standstill.
The passenger seat of a car.
13- passport :
14- a small official document that you get from your government, that proves who you are, and which you need in order to leave your country and enter other countries
15- British/French/American etc passport
16- She was born in New York and has an American passport.
17- have/hold a passport
18- Do you hold a British passport?
19- All people entering the country will need a valid passport.
20- He got into Europe with a false passport.
21- I need to check that your passport is in order.
23- passport to success/health/romance etc
24- something that makes it easy for you to achieve success, good health etc:
25- She saw a good diet as a passport to good health.
26- Don't assume that winning a talent contest is a passport to success.
27- passport control [uncountable]
28- the place where your passport is checked when you leave or enter a country [↪ immigration]:
29- It took us ages to get through passport control.
30- WORD FOCUS: airport
what you do at the air port: When you arrive at the airport, you go into the terminal building. You check in for your flight at the check-in desk. You show your passport at passport control and then go through security, where they check that you are not carrying any weapons. If you have time you can wait for your flight in the departure lounge. When your flight is called, you go through the departure gate in order to get onto the plane. The plane then takes off from the runway. After your plane has landed, you go to the baggage reclaim to collect your bags, then go through customs and immigration, where they check your passport and your bags. You then go out into the arrivals area.
32- Visa:(noun) an official mark in your passport that shows you are allowed to enter, leave or travel through a country:
She applied for an extension when her visa expired.
A tourist visa
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Terms of Tourism
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